Welcome to a world where everything is changing

I am interested in change – in our society, in our technologies, and in our environment. For me, 2008 is undeniably a year of dramatic change in all of these areas. My aim for this blog is to examine some of the forces that are driving these developments as well as the human processes – innovation and creativity – which enable them.

Here are some of the questions I will be pondering in this blog:

  • How can innovation, sustainable development and peer production help to shape a future that will be dominated by climate change, energy scarcity and economic uncertainty?
  • How do we reconcile the contradictions of growth and sustainability?
  • How do we ensure that innovation works for the good of society?
  • Can the wisdom of crowds overcome our collective stupidity?
  • Can technology solve the problems that technology has created?
  • Are we moving boldly towards a brighter future or hurtling towards calamity?

It is far beyond me to answer these questions definitively. Our world is full of paradoxes and they fascinate me, but I’m not a fan of simplistic answers. This blog is about exploring those paradoxes.

I hope you can join me.


One Response to “Welcome to a world where everything is changing”

  1. Joel Almon Says:

    Actually, regarding the terms Global Warming and Climate Change the “conspiracy theory” is somewhat true. The term climate change was invented by a Bush Administration spin doctor in the US around 2004 to confuse the issue. It backfired. Scientists embraced the name because it better described the effect of ANTHROPOMORPHIC Global Warming. There are videos of interviews with the person who invented the term. Unfortunately I dont remember his name, but Im sure I have links to the interviews somewhere. When I find them I will forward them.

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